Dialects of Japan


Even though there is an "official" version of Japanese, Japan has traditionally been home to a million and one regional dialects, and even in modern Japan, these dialects are (while diminishing) still spoken and even updated by young speakers who incorporate new terms as they use the dialect on a daily basis.

I do not know enough dialects to list them all, and at the moment the only dialect of which I know enough to give you detailed information is the set of dialects usually grouped under "Kansai ben" ('ben' meaning 'dialect').

However! If you know someone who knows other dialects and think it might be a good idea to have these added to the list of available dialects to peruse, have them contact me! I would love to expand this section of the site with new information about the various dialects found throughout Japan, and I know there are plenty of users that would love to see more dialects available. So: think you can help out? Head over to the contact page and leave a message!


- Pomax