Syntax, Grammar and Language

These pages house the content of the Nihongoresources grammar book, "An introduction to Japanese; Syntax, Grammar & Language" in a browsable form. The original content is hosted on in the form of a dokuwiki, as well as a downloable PDF , but these pages are based on the same data, so any changes to the grammar wiki will also show up here.

The chapter layout is as follows:

  1. Syntax explaining the basic structure of Japanese
  2. Verb grammar explaining the basics of using verbs and verbal adjectives
  3. More verb grammar covering everything else verb grammary
  4. Particles covering all common particles in four sets: essential particles, emphatic particles, and two sets of "more particles" to cover the remainder.
  5. Counters a chapter dedicated purely to counters. There are lots of them, and you can count on the fact that you'll be expected to know all of these after a year or two.
  6. Language covering the richer topics of which constructions to use for what purpose.

The following appendices are also available:

Reading the grammar book

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